At Fellowship we BEFRIEND women and give them a place to BELONG so they will come to BELIEVE in Jesus and BECOME more like Him.



We believe that Christian women need Christian friends so we plan events that will create an environment where these friendships can be made. As our friendships grow, we believe that we are responsible to support our friends, so we offer Bible studies and devotionals where we can learn Biblical truths to encourage and uphold one another.

​Ladies Night Out/Ladies Coffee

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This is another opportunity to be with Christian friends and build new friendships or establish stronger relationships. Our Ladies Night Out (LNO) events are planned on the second Thursday of every month. (On ZOOM at this time) These are larger, fun events that bring ladies together to create a sense of belonging. Our Ladies Coffee events are once or twice a year on a Saturday morning. We are blessed with wonderful fellowship, and find encouragement and inspiration while one of our ladies give their testimony.


April 2nd Thursday Fellowship

Thursday, April 8

6:45-8:30-11:30 a.m.

Funny Peeps & Pets!   

(In honor of National Humor & Pet Month)


Bring a funny/corny joke and show off your pet (or picture of your pet) and favorite scripture about humor or laughter.


Join us for virtual fun and fellowship!


Bible Studies

Ladies meet weekly Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings throughout the year. (Temporarily being done only Tuesday evenings on ZOOM) These studies are intended to help ladies understand the gospel and to give them the tools needed to become more Christ-like. These Bible studies also have a Small Group atmosphere where ladies have the opportunity to open up and establish intimate relationships with those in the group. Again this time is designed to take the focus from ourselves to God, our Creator.

Monthly Event


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Retreats (2021 TBD due to COVID19)

​We have a retreat once a year. This provides an opportunity for women to retreat from their normal life and enjoy freedom from jobs, family duties and all the other stresses in life. It's a time to enjoy new and old friendships, to be inspired and encouraged spiritually and to have time alone with God. This time is designed to take the focus from our self and our stressful lives to God.