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Sunday Schedule

Sunday School 

 @ 9:30

Classrooms a located upstairs in our Activity Center. There are two classes offered:

Kinder - 2nd Grade

3rd - 5th Grade


 @ 10:45

Families are encouraged to worship together each week during our Sunday Morning Worship Service. Be sure to look out for the dismissal slide for Kid's Church! Kid's church is for Kinder - 4th grade.

Kid's Church Pick Up

 @ 12:00

Pick up your kid's after the service upstairs in our Activity Center. Your children will have had fun learning more about God's character and what it's like to live their life as God desires!

What We're Learning 

This month's theme: In Your Dreams, a study of the life of Joseph. As the sun sets and you nod off to sleep, an entire nighttime world awakens. Along with our dreams and slumber, the night can also mean shadows and unfamiliar sounds. Who makes us feel safe when the world is dark and scary? In this four-week series based on the life of Joseph, we'll learn about how God watches over us and loves everyone the same. No matter what we go through, God will make things right, which is why we can obey God above anyone else.



In the beginning, there was God! He existed before everything else. The book of Genesis tells us about the beginnings of just about everything else. This month, we will learn about how God created the universe and the beginnings of His relationship with His created people. Genesis lays the foundation for who God is and how He loves us.



Plan/Philosophy Overview:

We believe the home is the primary place where discipleship should take place, however it is our goal to partner with parents to most effectively help children to realize & believe truths about God. It is our joy to be on this discipleship journey with you and your children.  It is a privilege to teach your children about the great God we wholeheartedly worship. 

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